Working as a cultivator at Atlantic Medicinal Partners offers a deeply rewarding experience for individuals passionate about nurturing plants and producing high-quality cannabis products. As a cultivator, your role would involve hands-on care for the cannabis plants throughout their growth cycle. This includes tasks such as planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, monitoring plant health, adjusting lighting and nutrient levels, pruning, and harvesting the mature plants. Attention to detail and a strong understanding of plant biology are crucial in ensuring optimal growth and maximum cannabinoid production. Cultivators at Atlantic Medicinal Partners work within a collaborative team, where they share insights, troubleshoot challenges, and contribute to the overall goal of producing top-tier cannabis products that meet the highest industry standards.

Lab Technician

Joining Atlantic Medicinal Partners as a lab technician means becoming an essential part of the production process, focusing on the transformation of raw cannabis materials into a range of refined products. Lab technicians handle extraction, distillation, purification, and formulation processes to create concentrates, oils, edibles, and other products. Precision, analytical skills, and adherence to safety protocols are paramount in this role, as technicians work with specialized equipment and follow meticulous procedures. Lab technicians collaborate closely with researchers, cultivators, and product developers to ensure consistency, quality, and compliance with regulations. This role is ideal for individuals who are fascinated by the science behind cannabis extraction and are dedicated to producing safe and effective medicinal and recreational products.


Being a budtender at Atlantic Medicinal Partners provides a unique opportunity to engage directly with customers and guide them through their cannabis product selection. Budtenders are the frontline representatives of the company, responsible for delivering exceptional customer service, sharing product knowledge, and providing personalized recommendations based on individual preferences and needs. A deep understanding of different cannabis strains, consumption methods, and effects is essential to assist customers in finding the right products. Budtenders also play a crucial role in educating customers about responsible cannabis use, dosage guidelines, and potential effects. Working as a budtender offers a chance to foster meaningful connections within the cannabis community and contribute to shaping positive experiences for customers seeking wellness and enjoyment through Atlantic Medicinal Partners’ offerings.

Each of these roles at Atlantic Medicinal Partners contributes to the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality cannabis products while adhering to rigorous industry standards and regulations. Whether you’re drawn to cultivation, laboratory work, or customer interaction, joining this team means being part of a dynamic and evolving industry with a focus on responsible and effective cannabis use.

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